Why Every New Mama Needs a Teething Necklace

Why Every New Mama Needs a Teething Necklace

With over four years of experience in the teething industry I can confidently say that every new mama needs a teething necklace in their go-to bag of baby essentials. From about three months of age your baby will start to grab at things as their eyesight and fine motor skills develop. This is also the beginning of your baby putting everything in his/her mouth. They want to explore the world around them, learning different tastes and textures. They also need some help to ease the pain of cutting those little teeth that are working their way out. By wearing a teething necklace, you're not only looking good, 😉 but you're also giving your little one a means to explore new textures while safely snuggled in your arms. 

My first, Andreas, used to pull and pinch my skin whenever I breastfed him. When I started wearing a teething necklace his focus was immediately drawn to the colours and shapes. He used to feed away while transfixed on my necklace, and if he ever gave a tug that was a little too hard, pop, off it would come with the added safety feature of a breakaway clasp. 

My second, Theo, wanted to be held ALL the time. Actually, he's 16 months and still wants to be held ALL the time and he's still putting weird things in his mouth. I joke with my husband that he sounds like a bleating sheep. This kid is relentless when it comes to something he wants, which is usually to be held (oh and did I mention he's 27 lbs)! I digress. I wear a teething necklace all the time with him. It keeps him occupied and distracted from pulling my hair, face, earrings, or anything else in the general area. It also calms and soothes him as he explores the texture and shapes of the silicone and maple wood. 

This, mamas, is the last thing you tend to buy when it comes to teething! It may have something to do with the fact that as moms we never buy anything for us (sound familiar 😀). But guess what, while you get to wear it, this is 100% for your baby. 

Here are some common questions and answers I get from moms about teething necklaces: 

1. Do babies like more or less beads?

They don't care. They just want something to put in their mouth.

2. Which is better for them silicone or wood?

This is the preference of your baby. Some prefer silicone to wood and vice versa. My youngest will chew on silicone or wood on my necklace, but doesn't like wooden teethers?! 

3. What is the best length of necklace?

Necklaces should be at least 30" in length. Remember that while it will hang to above your chest, your little one will be pulling it away from you, so you want the length. All our necklaces are 30" plus. If you find it to be too long for you, simply pull the cord up through the clasp and cut where desired. 

If you still can't decide on which necklace will work for you, here's one more thing to take into consideration when purchasing your necklace based on the tug and strength of your of your baby. 

  • The Gentle Baby - Your baby loves to gently play with their toys, or is content just sitting in your arms.

Suggestions: Basically any of our necklaces will work. You also have the luxury of any of our collections with less beads and more cord. 


            The Aster Collection                                      The Zinnia Collection

  • The Baby with a Bit of Pizzazz - Your baby has been known to lovingly stare at the objects on their play at but occasionally bats the hanging objects back and forth. 

Suggestions: With beads going up higher on the necklace, it protects your neck a bit more from those sudden tugs of joy. 


      The Serenity Collection                                         The Dahlia Collection

  • The Wild One - Your baby will rip that earring out of your ear in a split second if given the chance. Cute stuffed animals get chucked around the room like Derek Jeter himself is on that play mat. 

Suggestions: Beads all the way to the top of the necklace will protect your neck from your future pro-athlete. 


The Primrose Collection                        The Bluegrass Collection

If you still have any questions, or any doubt, shoot me an email at info@tinyteethers.ca and I'd be happy to answer any of your questions, or work with you to create a necklace that works for you and your little one!



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