Something to Chew on.

Something to Chew on.

Since starting Tiny Teethers in 2013, the teething world has evolved quickly. Although both my kids went through and one is at the tail end of putting things in their mouths, I'm fortunate they were not horrid teethers. They slobbered all over my teething necklaces and pacifier clips, Theo loved my custom circle teether, and that seemed to satisfy them. So when there was a shift to wooden teethers, I was hesitant because both my kids have no interest in chewing on wood, and it was an idea that was hard for me to wrap my head around. I have spoken to many mamas since and some liken their babes to beavers, chewing their way through anything, especially wood, to help with teething. Aesthetically, I love the look of wood and silicone together, I think it helps make the teething necklace look less of just that, a teething necklace!

When I started to look into sourcing wooden beads and teethers, products from China kept popping up. I initially bought beech wood beads from the same company I source my silicone from, but to be honest something just didn't feel right. The quality was good, but I didn't really know where they came from and living in Canada with all these beautiful hardwood trees, I felt like I could be doing better and sourcing locally where I had the opportunity to do so. I took my time and spent many nights scavenging the internet for wooden beads and teethers made in Canada or even the US. This proved to be ridiculously hard. Don't get me wrong, there are some seriously awesome companies rocking it on wooden toys and teethers, but they're not interested in selling at wholesale prices to me.

I found my wooden beads and rings first, they are made in the states out of US maple, manufactured by a company that has been in business for a very long time. The quality isn't just good, it's excellent. Next came the really difficult part, sourcing teethers. I grew up with a dad who did lots of woodworking, so I figured I would try my hand at making them myself. This idea was put to bed, just as quickly as it appeared for these reasons: 1. The wood from the hardware store is too thick, 2. I have no idea where that wood is from or what is was treated with, 3. I'm not so handy with the scroll saw.

During the summer a mama I was acquainted with through Instagram reached out and told me that she and her husband were going to start making wooden teethers. She started posting pics of what they were working on and I was hooked. For starters, they mill their own Canadian maple. This is impressive because it's nearly impossible to find. The teethers they make are beautiful, buttery smooth and don't require any polish at all. This is exactly what I had been looking for and the best part is that I also get to support an awesome Canadian company. The price point is a bit higher, but you get what you pay for. I'm so glad to be able to source our products within North America and the quality shows.

If your little one chews on everything, or you have some experience with wooden teethers, please leave us a comment, we'd love to hear about it!

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