We Recycle

One of the advantages of using silicone, is that it doesn't degrade, but that is also a disadvantage when it comes to disposing of our products. Silicone cannot be recycled through most mainstream recycling programs.

We have done our research and found a Canadian based company called Terracycle that will take our silicone and properly recycle it. We are starting a recycling program, whereby you drop your used silicone off at a designated location and we will responsibly dispose of it. We love silicone over plastic for teething, but if not properly disposed, it has the same effect of remaining on our planet for years and years to come.

In order for us to prevent this from happening, it does require some effort from both of us. It is our responsibility as the manufacturer to have a recycling program in place, and it is your responsibility as the consumer to make sure it doesn't end up in a landfill. Please stay tuned as we work to roll out this Canadian recycling program through out Silicone Recycling Initiative.


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