tips for keeping sane through isolation

Tips for keeping sane through isolation

Hi everyone!

  For some of you this may be anywhere from day 1 to 7 of self-isolation, depending on where you live in North America. I admit, I have been to the grocery store and to get my allergy injection shot today, but other than that, just hanging at home with my boys. While we haven't even hit a week of self-isolation, the question I'm asked (and that I ask) is "how are you holding up?" Honestly, I have been feeling so grateful this week, I can't even tell you. The sun is shining, we have a great backyard for playing that backs on to a forest, and I get to see my husband throughout the day (this should be spring break for us, so I would still be home with my kids, but no hubby). It will get worse, people are not in stores shopping, or purchasing as much on line at the moment, so our finances will definitely suffer like so many. My kids are going to start to drive me insane and my sacred working alone time is no more. I recognize that this current bubble will burst, so I'm trying to implement some important routines now to help with stress later. Here they are:

1. Exercise - if you aren't able to leave your house, YouTube has wonderful options for any type of exercise you want. My favorites are Pop Sugar fitness and Yoga with Adrienne. Daily Om is also good (not on YouTube). If you can get outside, a walk or run in the fresh air will do your mental health some good. I find I'm less likely to lose my patience after a run. 

2. Get outside - again, I know some of you aren't able, but even if you can drive yourself to a forest or beach you know will be deserted, do it. My husband took the boys to the beach on Sunday and saw one person in the distance the whole time. 

3. Start a hobby - is there something you've always wanted to learn to do, but never had the time. You literally have no excuse but to start now. Don't have the supplies on you? Online shopping baby. I have been teaching myself how to macrame. I was bragging to my husband the other night that all the friendship bracelets I made as a kid are paying off now with macrame. Ridiculous, I know. 

4. Listen to classical music - I watched our prime minister speak today, felt my anxiety rising and then by chance classical music temporarily followed and it was the most soothing and relaxing sound.

5.  Start a routine with your kids - this one is a bit tough, but my kids thrive on routine, so we start our day with "school". For my grade 1 son, that has meant some math, spelling quizzes and reading. I'm also thinking of adding a little project with animals. We just do 30 minutes a day, but he already expects it and doesn't moan about it.

6. Cosmic Kids Yoga - this is a great one to get your kids moving. My kids love it and there's so many awesome ones.

7. Crafts - okay, I admit, I'm not as good with this, mainly because it takes 15 minutes to set up, my boys are interested for 2 minutes and that's that. But I've been thinking about how we can reuse items around the house and upcycle them into a craft, like toilet paper rolls...we all know people have lots of those around! 

8. Baking - my boys love baking with me, today we made cupcakes. They love pouring the flour and my older son, cracking the eggs. Most importantly, they just love eating the batter. We decided today that next week we would bake something for the people on our street and leave them some goodies in their mailboxes. A good exercise in baking and also thinking of others at times like this.

Please, please, please leave a comment below with some of your tips for managing self-isolation and/or keeping the kids busy!

Thanks for reading!


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