Self Care: One Year Into The Pandemic

Self Care: One Year Into The Pandemic

A year ago our alternate reality began as we were instructed to stay home, keep our distance, sanitize like a mother and wear a mask. I was determined to keep my sanity, which meant going for a daily run to escape my house and clear my head. When I'm running I feel my best, which ultimately leads to me being a better wife, mother and all round person. About a month into our stay home orders, I was out running and took a big fall, I sprained my ankle and something  in my knee (who knows what it was, because the physio clinics were closed!)

I spiraled after this.

Aside from all the late afternoon drinks we were having, I also jumped on the sourdough bandwagon and the pounds piled on. By summer time, I truly felt like I was losing my mind and myself. I was with my kids 24-7, trying to run a business and keep my house clean (a huge fail on the latter of the three). It was in August that my neighbour invited me to join her running group. So in the middle of a pandemic, these strangers gratefully let me in and I've been back running regularly since.

As women and mothers, we often put ourselves last. We come up with so many excuses not to do something to combat that mommy guilt we feel. But what our kids need is a role model. When I take time for myself, I feel guilty as hell, but I remind my kids and myself, that I'm doing it so I can be a better mommy to them.

A mom who has more patience instead of losing my shit the 5th time they ask for a snack in a 30 minute period. A mom who can run up and down the street playing hockey, instead of sitting on the side watching them.

By taking time for me, I'm also showing up with more love for my husband and most importantly, more love for myself.

Taking time for you, doesn't have to be going for a run, it's about doing something that fills your bucket. A walk, a bath, a spin class, or locking yourself in your room with the music blasting dancing your heart out. 

I encourage you to listen to your talk. What words and phrases do you find yourself repeating? When you catch yourself saying them, flip it around and fill that space with kind words. Above all, we need to practice self care by being KIND to ourselves. We're always doing our best and dammit that matters and that is enough!

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