Mama's Boy.

Mama's Boy.

Theo, my 2 year old, is such a mama's boy. From the moment he was born, this kid has wanted one person and one person only. I had to wear him when he was a baby because he always wanted to be close to me. When he started to crawl he would get himself in between myself and the cupboards when I was cooking dinner. When he started to walk he continued to do the same thing, only now he learned that if he pushed my legs I would move away from the counter and pay attention to him.

The moment my husband comes home from work if he isn't sitting at my feet he runs over as quickly as he can. Meanwhile, Mike wants that "Dad's home!" entrance from the kids, but he's always one kid short! In the past month, Theo has taken to walking over to Mike and hitting him, punching him (sometimes where it hurts) or just yelling "no" and running to me. It's become a bit of a running joke between us to see what Theo's reaction will be today.

All joking aside, I know this hurts my husband. Our oldest child, who is so easy going, has had his moments, but never consistently objected to his Dad. I mentioned this to Theo's daycare provider the other day, who is also a mom of two boys and always has the best advice. She reminded me that while I get him now, when he grows up, he's going to have more interests with his Dad and so Dad will get him the longest. I thought about it and it's true. My husband calls his Dad 80% more than his mom and when he calls his mom, it's because he's either realized it's been too long since he has called, or he needs motherly advice. So for now, I'll keep squeezing all the hugs I can get from my boys and I won't feel too bad about my husband getting punched in the junk. 😉

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