How Our Pacifier Clips Came to Be

How Our Pacifier Clips Came To Be.

Okay, so I have a ton of necklaces, pendants and teethers in my shop, but I have to tell you that the best selling and an absolute must have with a baby are our pacifier clips. I have been using the same two with Theo since he was born and I literally don't leave the house without one (not to mention Theo has a great set of lungs on him).


I thought I would share the story of how our clips came to be. When my first son, Andreas was born, I remember his pacifier clip constantly getting lost and always falling to the floor in the moment we needed it most. I bought a ribbon clip (because silicone ones did not exist at this time) to help with the problem and it did. It also brought about a different one. He was always putting it in his mouth and drooling all over it. It would get dirty so easily and then I would be without it while I put it in the laundry to be cleaned.

I had just started Tiny Teethers a few months earlier and had all these beads around our house. I thought, okay, maybe I can make a clip of some sort which will be easy to keep clean and give my son something better to teethe on.


The design happened by chance. I had ordered all these 9 mm sized beads and I didn't know what to do with them. I fooled around with bigger beads, but the clip was too heavy and bulky for my liking. Then I tried the smaller beads, and perfecto.

Dre and I going to Taiwan

Over the years we've listened to your requests and continued to do testing of our own. Our pacifier clip has become a few beads shorter and we've changed the metal clip to a wooden one after ordering at least 5 different types of clips to try. It's a product I am so proud of and one I would recommend to anyone with a baby who uses a pacifier. 

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