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CEO + Designer

Tiny Teethers is owned by Tara Morellato, a mama of two who loves to explore the outdoors with her sons and husband whenever she has a break from the business.  Originally from the east coast of Canada, her family now resides in beautiful Courtenay, B.C. on Vancouver Island.

Tiny Teethers began in 2013, after the birth of her first son Andreas. As a little girl, she loved making necklaces and bracelets for herself and friends to wear. This passion for jewelry design continued as she grew, but came to a crashing halt when Andreas was born. It wasn't safe for her to leave her tools or solutions around, so everything got placed in a box and stashed away. As a way to satisfy her creativity, she discovered silicone beads that were both functional for teething babies, and stylish enough to wear!

At Tiny Teethers we take pride in sourcing our silicone beads from a company who strives to produce the highest quality products. Since starting on the adventure of an entrepreneur, Tiny Teethers has evolved into a company we are extremely proud of.


Tried + True

Signature Pacifier Clips

Our top selling product has always been our pacifier clip. It’s simple but very practical in keeping baby’s pacifier from falling on the floor at that moment you desperately need it!

New + Nifty

Mini Pacifier Clips

For the wee ones who just want a little something to teethe one, we’ve released our mini pacifier clip. It’s the perfect length for babies under 6 months and it won’t drag on the carpet when they start crawling.

Silicone Teether and Clip Combo

Try one of our mini clips with a teether attached! The possibilities of what can be looped to one of these are endless! Keep your tiny teether happy without worrying about them dropping or losing their teether.

Wooden + Wonderful

Wood and Silicone Teethers 

For the little beaver in your life. 😊 Let them chew on our anti-splintering and anti-fungal wood. Want something softer? Switch it up and teethe on the soothing silicone beads for a while.

Chewable + Chompable

Teething Necklaces 

Realized that as a new mom, you’re not going to be wearing your nice necklaces or dangly earrings for awhile? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our teething necklaces collections. Designed for the modern mom who wants to wear a teething necklace, without looking like she’s wearing a teething necklace.

Wild Child Bento... Coming Soon

A mess-free solution to feeding your toddler on the go. Made of bamboo and silicone our Wild Child Bento is made for the eco-conscious parent.


Contact Information

For media inquiries:


tel: 250-650-3435


social: Facebook: /tinyteethers

Instagram: /tinyteethers

Twitter: /tinyteethers


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