Tackling the Kindergarten Emotions

Sep 09 2018 0 Comments

My first born and inspiration for starting Tiny Teethers started kindergarten last week. For the past 5 years, I've always wondered, will he be ready? And in the last few months I know that he is more than ready, it's me who isn't! So how do you emotionally prepare for the moment when your first born, your baby, pulls away enters the world of school? Seriously, how do you do it?! How do you let go? Well, his first day at school for an hour (we're still not at a full day yet) I made my husband take him. I knew if I went, I'd make a fuss and so he went with his Dad and apparently didn't even look back. When I picked him up he whispered to me "I really like school mom" and I felt this breath of relief. I know we have 12 years of ups and downs in front of us, I was a high school teacher before starting my entrepreneurial journey, so I'm no stranger to what goes on in schools, but we're starting week two and he likes it and that makes this anxious mama breath a little bit easier. 😊

Let me know how the start of the school year is going for you? What routines are you getting into in your house?


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