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O U R  S T Y L E
When I started Tiny Teethers, silicone teething accessories were in their infancy with those typical bright colours often seen in baby products. Back in 2013 this was really just a hobby for me, so I stuck with purchasing the existing colours my supplier had. This combined with misleading information kept me from adding my own colour stamp to Tiny Teethers for so long. When I finally changed suppliers the fun began. I love colour. I am not a monochrome mama, and while I strive for a balance between neutral and bold colours, you will find lots of colour here. Colour is a great stimulus for babies and when was the last time your toddler told you their favourite colour was white, grey or black?! In addition to colour, I love wood. Any pairing of wood with silicone and it just gives the piece a more modern and earthy look to it. 
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