My China Travels: Part 6

Apr 21 2017 0 Comments

After a really nice week in China of visiting with my family and getting some business done, it was off to Hong Kong for a two day visit with my best friend. We hadn't seen each other in almost 3 years so we toasted to some prosecco and before we both knew it the bottle was empty!

Allison and her friend Rachel took Theo and I to high tea on the 50th floor of a hotel, with an incredible view and very tasty nibbles! My parents, knowing that it would be nice to have some catch up time without the large presence of Theo, came to Hong Kong for the weekend and took Theo on his first over night! You gotta love parents for taking your son, despite them knowing all his Theo'isms...mainly when it comes to sleep and his desire to be fed... Unlike when we were in our 20's and would have partied all night, we enjoyed some wine on a private rooftop patio overlooking the city and then went for some late night Dim Sum at my request! 

Every time I go to Hong Kong I feel like all I do is eat and drink, and this time was no exception. The next day we met a few of Allison's friends for an Indian brunch which consisted of all you can eat Indian food and free flowing drink. I guess the justification for all the eating that goes on must be all the walking that also takes place. Living in a small city where we drive everywhere, it was nice to just walk to our destination, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells (some delish and some absolutely putrid) that Hong Kong has to offer. 

After an afternoon of too much food and drink, my parents helped Theo and I get to the airport and checked through to Vancouver. This trip was a much needed break from the routine of my everyday life and I felt full again from the time spent with my parents and best friend. I had never been away from my 3 1/2 year old son, Andreas, and was SO excited to be greeted by his little squeals and big hugs! 

If you managed to read your way through my banter of my trip to China and Hong Kong, I send you BIG thanks! I've been trying to get this written and sent out in a timely fashion this week while dealing with a jet lagged baby, an enthusiastic three year old, more business glitches (I need some good karma), preparing for a trade show,  preparing for weekend house guests, trying to get an order to my distributor out the door, all the while battling a cold that is wants to manifest despite my refusal to acknowledge its presence. Whew. 

Much love,

Tara xo


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