My China Travels: Part 2

Apr 12 2017 0 Comments

Our first full day in China was a relaxing one. Theo was up most of the night, so I was happy to have a day without any plans and time to adjust to our new surroundings. I was a teacher in China 5 years ago, so the country is not new to me, but after 13 hours of flying it's nice to have a day to get your head on straight!

My parents teach and live on campus at an IB school here in Shenzhen and we were able to get out for a visit. Their school campus is beautiful and houses students from pre-K to grade 12. My father teaches DP Chemistry and boasts that he finally got the teaching lab he's always desired, as this is the first year of a new school. My mother is a librarian, a nice change from her career in accounting and book keeping. They've been over here teaching for 7 years now! I don't think my brother and I ever expected them to stay this long!

As we set out on a tour of the school, Theo was of course greeted by students who were so eager to look at him and he loved all the attention! This was the beginning and ending of our excitement for the day as Theo was in bed by 5 and I followed shortly after.


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