My China Travels: Part 1

Apr 11 2017 0 Comments

My six month old son Theo and I arrived in China last Thursday. We are here on a ten day business trip to visit the factories that make our packaging and products going into Walmart stores. We recently announced that three of our products will be in Walmart stores across Canada, and therefore it is of the utmost importance that the quality of these products remains true to the Tiny Teethers brand. 

Theo, who is exclusively breastfed and can't go anywhere without his mama, and I boarded a flight from Comox and then from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I have been dreading this flight for the past month, because Theo can be very fussy at times (understatement). He was a superstar. No fussing, just sleeping, feeding and being happy!  

After 13 hours of flying, we stepped off the plane into the sticky Hong Kong air,  but our journey wasn't over yet! We caught a 20 minute ferry ride to Shenzhen, China and were greeted by my parents who are teaching here. After an extremely long day of traveling there was nothing better than having my mom and dad there to help me with Theo, my luggage, getting to their apartment and pouring me an ice cold rum and coke. :)



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