Growing Your Online Brand

Nov 20 2019 0 Comments

Whether you're in the service or product industry, growing your online brand has never been more important. As a small business owner starting out, I would say know who your customer is and where they spend time online. Once you've established that, work on using those platforms to connect with them. For example, as a teething company, our target customers are new moms, so we primarily use Instagram and Facebook to connect with them. When I started Tiny Teethers, Instagram had not made it's mark yet, so I started with Facebook and Twitter. Instantly, I found that Twitter was not going to deliver us with the following we were after. As a solopreneur, if you're going to spend your time on something, it's important you see the value in it! I eventually found my way to Instagram (a bit late I will admit), but that platform has been my favorite to date. 


I find that Facebook and Instagram are separate beasts, that need to be treated as such, although most of us lump them in the same category (myself included). The posts that work on Instagram don't always on Facebook and vice versa. For example, on Instagram I could post a picture of a baby teething on one of our products and underneath talk about my kids experience with teething and what worked for us. This usually generates comments about other mothers experiences. On Facebook that same image likely wouldn't attract as many people, but a more factual or funny graphic about teething would. Similarly, that graphic wouldn't work on Instagram. In both instances asking people about their experience always opens up a great dialogue. 

In the past year I have moved away from Facebook as I find my target demographic is starting to use Instagram as their main social media platform. What I love about Instagram is that it is picture based, but more than that it's a platform to tell a story. When I post a picture of our product, I'll sometimes talk about the product itself (especially if it's new), but more often than not, I'll post stories about motherhood and raising two kids. It makes my brand more personable, people can relate to my stories and often feel that they are not alone. I also love that I can follow other companies and people and engage with what they're up to as well!

If you're just starting out I hope this article can be of some assistance to you!


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