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Since moving to Vancouver Island two years ago, we have basically stayed put. We used to go on at least one big trip a year and countless weekend escapes. My husband and I have been so focused on building our businesses and let's be honest, sustaining our move to Vancouver Island that we have really just enjoyed what's around us.

Two years ago we left Port Moody, near Vancouver, for a lifestyle change. My husband left a six-figure position and I left a new full-time teaching contract. For any teachers out there who have struggled to get a teaching gig these past years, you know how crazy that is! But we did it for our health, our happiness and most importantly our kids. Two months after we moved here we had our wild child Theo. Aside from a few nights away and a trip to China I dragged him on when he was 6 months old, he's always slept in his crib. He LOVES his crib. He's going to be one of those teenagers who is the WORST at waking up early. For now, he's a dream to put to sleep, but only if he is in his crib. We have had many sleepless nights and angry fellow campers whenever we do attempt a getaway. Lucky for us, we live in one of the most beautiful places in Canada. (slight bias here😊)

This past weekend we decided to take the kids to Tofino for the day. It's a 3-hour drive, so doable, provided they just sleep on the way home. We've been having a heat wave here, so we didn't even think that it would be too much cooler in Tofino. Guess again. Tofino has this rugged beauty to it and a stunning coastline, but it was 17 degrees! Despite that, we headed to Long Beach where the kids played around in the water and the sand.

My older son, Dre, LOVED the feel of the soft sand and was devastated when we packed up to get some dinner. We hit up Chesterman Beach after, where we watched so many people trying to surf. This was Dre's favourite part of the trip because this kind lady gave him a kite and he is a kite guy! Meanwhile, Theo chased pigeons and collected shells for us. We packed up the kids and headed home in a balmy 14 degrees, with a successful trip under our belts. We've been trying to get out with the kids more and take full advantage of summer because it never lasts long enough and this was a great way to do it! Next day trip, Parksville, another beautiful location with a great beach! ❤️

  • So glad to see everything is working out so well for you Tara! Love your website! When I ever have grandchildren I will be sure to experience your great selections of teethers! Take care…Barb

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