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There's never a dull moment with kids and today I felt like I should document the day (being particularly full) and so I decided to make it a blog post as I'm sure SO many of you can relate, my apologies if I ramble on, I tend to do that...

It's Monday morning, and if you read my last post you'll know I'm trying to do more for me, so I dragged myself out of bed at 5 am...okay, more like 5:20 by the time I hit snooze twice to get to my 5:45 fitness class that I tell myself I need to quit because it's torture, but I actually enjoy once I'm there. I had hoped that when I got home, the kids would still be sleeping (haha), but they were up, which meant that shower I was desperate for had to wait. I think the morning went something like get the little one breakfast, get the older one breakfast, get a coffee, get myself breakfast, clean up, reheat coffee, get the older one more food, repeat last two steps. 

Theo, our one year old, is going through a temper tantrum "phase". I like to call it that, because it's terrifying to think that his temper will last. I didn't experience it with Andreas, so I have no idea if it is "normal". I did a Google search to see if developmentally other kids go through this (it's really bad), and surprisingly it's the first time I've done a Google search on an issue and felt reassured. Anyway, he flailed, screamed and hit his brother all morning until his short lived nap when I declared "we're going out".

On the way to the park Andreas and I were talking about food and I said "you are what you eat" to which he responded, "I think I would be carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, apples and chicken"...seriously, and he's right. We had a lovely walk/bike around the park, we stopped and played at the playground and cue Theo's tantrum when it was time to leave.

During his second nap of the day Dre and I got talking about my birthday. Have any of you asked your kids how old they think you are? Hilarious. Our conversation went something like this:

Dre: Are you 6 mom?

Me: Older.

Dre: 7?

Me: Older

He counts a bit higher.

Dre: 14?

Me: Older.

Dre: (looking concerned) 20?

Me: Older.

Dre: What's older than 20?

Good question kid!

I had to get some work done while Theo napped, so we came down to my office and Dre coloured to pass the time. He drew me a pair of glasses, then he sounded out (with my help) and wrote my name on a piece of paper. I often feel like I am neglecting his preparedness for kindergarten next year, but then he does something like this and I feel like we're on the right track.

After Theo's nap we headed out to run a few errands and  Dre asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him just a drawing and our conversation went like this: 

Dre: I'm going to buy you a card.

Me: No, you don't have to, just make me one. 

Dre: I'm going to buy you one and write "Dear Mommy, Happy Birthday".

Me: That's so sweet Dre, thanks!

Dre: Then I am going to colour a box and put something in it.

Me: What are you going to put in it?

Dre: I can't tell you, it's a surprise.

Me: Alright then.

Dre: It's going to be Lego Duplo.

Me: Oh wow, what set?

Dre: I can't tell you, it's a surprise.

Me: Okay.

Dre: It's ninga Lego Duplo.

Hmmm, I wonder what this kid wants!

After our errands that were mostly uneventful (hurray!) we played in the backyard for a bit. We have a nice swing at the top of our property so Theo and I sat in that and played with the leaves, while I also played "who can throw the stick furthest" with Dre. I had asked him if he wanted to collect leaves for an art project, but he told me that he just wanted to throw sticks around. Fair enough.

It was finally time to get dinner started, or as I like to refer to it "the time of the day when all hell breaks loose". I often put a TV show on (bad mom me if you will), but it usually helps for about 20 minutes...cue Theo AND Dre having a melt down.

I decided to show them the pictures I took of them at the playground today on the swings. Some of the pictures of Andreas were blurry so I deleted them, WORST IDEA, we're talking absolute devastation that I could even consider deleting a photo of my beloved child. I quickly restored them, but the damage was done. Oh and usually if Dre cries, Theo decides he should too. After some calming down, I let him look through my photos again and he told me how much he liked that picture. I responded, well maybe we should get it printed and framed, cue more tears. I explained what I meant, maybe he misunderstood me, nope, he understood, but thought it was a particularly bad idea. Not sure why, when he looked at the picture of himself for over 10 minutes. I told him that it was a beautiful picture and maybe we could share it with the grandparents? Yes, he decided, it is beautiful, we need to share it.

Soon after my husband arrived home, we had dinner, Dre shed more tears over us asking him to eat all his food and then he got angry with me for not giving him a plate of vegetables (seriously). After Theo was in bed (this is the one easy thing he does), Dre and Mike played Lego and Andreas informed me that this was the best part of his day. And so on cue, I took the shower I had been waiting for.


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