2020 - Let's Do This Thing.

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Hello, Hello!

This blog post comes, oh 20 days too late, but as I used to say to my students handing in overdue work, "better late than never!" With that said, I hope the first 20 days of the new year are treating you well. If you made resolutions, goals, or set intentions for this year, having you been sticking to them? I like to pick words of the year and I thought I'd my words of 2020 with you.

Business: Diversity

I will admit, I have been stuck in a moral and value driven rut for the past few months. I want to bring new products into Tiny Teethers, but I'm not into just bringing any product to market. If any of you know me, or have heard of me mention "Wild Child Bento", this is where I have been focusing my energy for the past year and a half. Just before Christmas I decided to leave it for now because all I had been hearing for months was "no". Recently, we had a friend over, and all the prototypes came out and the explanations about the idea for this product. Before I knew it, I was jazzed up again (that's right, I just said jazzed up) and excited to give this one more shot. Stay tuned...

Another way I am exploring the word "diversity" this year, is by heading back to the classroom to co-teach Home Ec. This opportunity came to life through a string of reaching out at the right time. I am thrilled to be able to teach part time and still run Tiny Teethers. 

Personal: Relationships

This is a big one for me. I am committed to working on the relationship I have with my children, to be more patient and present with them. To working on the relationship with my husband and trying to be more understanding and open minded. I have found that in being a business owner, I am constantly working and this has hurt some relationships and also prevented me from creating new ones. We moved to Vancouver Island three years ago, and I have been with my head down most of the time, just trying to navigate parenthood and entrepreneurship. It's time for a change and that time is now. 

Do you or how do you approach a new year? With specific goals? Resolutions? Intentions? Or by not subscribing to all the hype? Leave a comment below

Thanks for reading!

Tara Morellato    


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