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Why Every New Mama Needs a Teething Necklace

Feb 11 2018 0 Comments Tags: baby essentials, baby product, baby shower gift, canadian maple, chewlery, made in canada, maternity, mommy must have, mummy necklace, new mom, nursing necklace, silicone beads, silicone teether, silicone teething necklace, teething necklace, wooden beads, wooden teether

With over four years of experience in the teething industry I can confidently say that every new mama needs a teething necklace in their go-to bag of baby essentials. From about three months of age your baby will start to grab at things as their eyesight and fine motor skills develop. This is also the beginning of your baby putting everything in his/her mouth. They want to explore the world around them, learning different tastes and textures. They also need some help to ease the pain of cutting those little teeth that are working their way out. By wearing a teething necklace,...

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