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“Every communication with your child is an opportunity to either deepen your connection or not.”

Janet Lansbury is a parenting guru for me. Whether I’m listening to her wonderful podcast or reading one of her books, I always find myself grinning and nodding in agreement with her.

Everything about Janet is soothing including the tone of her voice. She also has a way with words and comes off as a kind human being that you’d be honored to know personally. As if that’s not already wonderful enough, the advice that she gives is also very effective, no exaggeration, everything I’ve tried from this book has worked like a charm for my toddler and I. I learned about Janet Lansbury when my first-born was on the brink of toddlerhood and starting to challenge me, it was perfect timing.

  1. Respectful parenting doesn’t mean ‘pushover’

Respectful parenting isn’t about being “soft”’, on the contrary, it’s about trust and communication that fosters a mutual understanding of boundaries. Janet offers her expertise on what respectful parenting entails, and how easily we could all apply it’s principles to our daily lives.

2. Babies are people too

Too often they get treated like dolls! Shown off, carried and passed around all day, and dressed in all sorts of ways for our entertainment. Lansbury believes that if we pay attention, babies are excellent at communicating their needs to us. The book offers countless examples of ways we can engage our babies and why space is paramount.

3. Your reaction can turn into a game

The crazier your reaction, the more curious about it your toddler becomes. Toddlers are fascinated by the impact of their words and actions, be less reactive and more boring, they’ll feel more secure and learn from your zen example. #namaste

4. Yelling usually isn’t about the kid

Jennifer Lansbury believes that If a parent has been yelling at their kids, it might be because they haven’t been taking care of themselves and need some time alone. Making time for self-care is crucial to our sanity and will ensure a more peaceful family dynamic.

5. It’s not too late to improve how you’re parenting

The best thing about young kids is how unbelievably forgiving they are! You will fail them often, acknowledge your failures and always apologize! The way that you behave teaches them more about the world than you may realize.

Go buy this book! Gift it to new moms, old moms and dads as well. This is a breath of fresh air of a parenting book for me, thank you Janet Lansbury!

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