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The Day I Became A Mom.

May 09 2019 0 Comments

With Mother's Day around the corner, I thought it was a good time to share the story about the day I became a mom.┬á­čî╣ The story starts almost two days earlier at 3 am on June 29 when I woke up to my water breaking. Up to that moment, I had never seen my husband move so fast as when I made the announcement that my water was breaking and therefore the baby must be coming. As I stood in the en-suite over a bidet (this was my husband's grandparents house), reality setting in for us both, I announced I...

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Mama's Boy.

Feb 28 2019 0 Comments

Theo, my 2 year old, is such a mama's boy. From the moment he was born, this kid has wanted one person and one person only. I had to wear him when he was a baby because he always wanted to be close to me. When he started to crawl he would get himself in between myself and the cupboards when I was cooking dinner. When he started to walk he continued to do the same thing, only now he learned that if he pushed my legs I would move away from the counter and pay attention to him. The moment...

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