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Mama's Boy.

Feb 28 2019 0 Comments

Theo, my 2 year old, is such a mama's boy. From the moment he was born, this kid has wanted one person and one person only. I had to wear him when he was a baby because he always wanted to be close to me. When he started to crawl he would get himself in between myself and the cupboards when I was cooking dinner. When he started to walk he continued to do the same thing, only now he learned that if he pushed my legs I would move away from the counter and pay attention to him. The moment...

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The Secret to Being a First Time Mom

Feb 06 2019 0 Comments

Hey New Mamas! I'm going to let you in on the biggest secret about being a first time parent. This is going to sound crazy given that you've only recently embarked on this beautiful and unbelievably complicated journey of motherhood, but here goes, use common sense, trust your instincts and do what's right for you and your baby. Yes, it's that simple.  Becoming a mother comes with the largest rush of love ever felt for another human, it's absolutely terrifying. You want to be the best mama possible to this new person, your baby! But what are the best practices?  Please...

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