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COVID-19: Together, not alone.

Mar 17 2020 0 Comments

   With all the craziness of the last week, I have also seen such kindness. It serves as a reminder that while we may need to socially distance ourselves at the present time, we need one another to get through this together, not alone. Our content on social media will be adjusting to provide useful articles, tips and much needed laughter to get us through the times ahead. We are also offering customers a 30% discount that will be ongoing.  Through what lies ahead please remember that each and everyone of us is experiencing challenges, uncertainties and fears. No one...

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Our Pacifier Clips.

Jan 30 2020 1 Comment

2019 felt like a tumultuous year with our pacifier clips and with 2020 upon us, I am relieved that we have finally found the best solution to our clips. Let me first start with the history of our pacifier clips. Tiny Teethers was founded at the end of 2013 and by April 2014 I began making pacifier clips. I like to think of myself as one of the founding pacifier clip makers and in fact I stumbled upon it quite by chance. In my first order of bead supplies, I had purchased the small beads we now use in our...

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