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My China Travels: Part 5

Apr 19 2017 0 Comments

Tuesday was a most relaxing day. Theo and I went on walks around the neighborhood and the heat of the day just exhausted Theo! I think he had three 2 hour naps!! Unfortunately throughout the night I received some emails that kept me up for hours (lesson learned to never check your phone throughout the night). Wednesday morning was supposed to be a quick visit to the clip factory, but I ended up having to go back to the factory producing this order I've been working on and this time Theo had to come with me. Never have I felt more...

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My China Travels: Part 4

Apr 18 2017 0 Comments

After a day of shopping, craft brew (yes in China, and yes it was good), pizza and family, I was excited for a day of factory visits. Theo stayed with my mom for the day, and a family friend accompanied me to help with any language barriers. We took a train an hour to a city called Dongguang, which felt like a ghost town after leaving the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen. This is primarily a factory town and I was told that as it was Monday, everyone was working, which is why the streets were so quiet, and were...

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